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4 Benefits of Social Media Marketing for UK Startups

The first benefit of social media marketing is that it’s free – well, almost free. Despite the obvious costs involved in setting up a company account with Twitter or Facebook, the same accounts are used for marketing purposes by most companies. This means there is no need to pay £50+ per month as you would for a website, or £500+ like you would for print advertising.

Secondly, Manchester Social Media Agency said that social media makes word-of-mouth advertising extremely effective; this is where someone recommends your product to their friends and they pass on the recommendation to others. If done right, one customer can make hundreds (or even thousands) of people aware of your product or service.

Thirdly, it’s easy to see if people are talking about your business online – having set up an account with Twitter or Facebook means that their combined search engines are at your disposal 24/7. This live newsfeed lets you see what other people are saying about your brand, whether positive or negative. By engaging with these conversations directly, either by responding quickly or resolving any issues, you can minimise the damage from any negative comments.

This brings up the fourth and final benefit of social media marketing for a UK startup – a faster response time to issues or complaints. According to Birmingham Social media agency, If someone makes a complaint on Twitter, they expect a quick reply letting them know it’s been seen and is being acted upon. The same applies if somebody asks questions about your service online, so being able to respond quickly will help you gain trust with potential customers.]In conclusion, using social media marketing can contribute greatly to your business in several key areas – whether that be free advertising, word-of-mouth promotion, public opinion monitoring, or fast customer service!

Finally, it allows you to create a community around your business. Online communities have been the way forward for the last ten years and they’re still going strong today. By encouraging people to comment on posts or upload their own content, you can increase brand awareness very quickly.

In conclusion, UK startups need to embrace social media marketing in order to be successful – from free advertising through word of mouth to increased SEO ratings and improved customer-brand relationships, working with a London social media agency, there are many reasons why social networks should be used by all businesses that aim for success. Social media is a must-have starting point for any startup company looking for self-promotion online.